A little Java game for use on MIDP-1.0 enabled devices, like cell phones.

The game, Yatch, is a solitary dice game.

The game has been tested on Siemens A65 and Sony Ericsson K310i phones, but other Java phones should work OK.

Currently, the screen size is fixed to 101x80, as it was developed to run in the little screen of Siemens A65. I'm planning to fix this :-)

The Game

You have five dice. After each roll, you can select one or more dice to roll again, up to three times. The number of rolls remaining is shown at the right of the dice.

The game objective is to roll each of the following combinations, in any order:

Also, you need to get all the different numbers, from one to six. In those rolls, you score the sum of the dice with the correct number.

If the sum of the points on the number rolls (given in the SubTotal row) is more than 62 (ie, at least three of each number), you get a bonus of 35 extra points.

After scoring a combination, you can not score it again. If you don't have any scoring combination, you have to score 0 in one of the remaining.

The game stops after all combinations are rolled.


In the scores screen, any key starts the game.

When playing, the keys are:

8 : Roll the dice. Only tapped dice (the ones without the number) are rolled.
4 : Tap the first die.
1 : Tap the second die.
2 : Tap the third die.
3 : Tap the fourth die.
6 : Tap the fifth die.
7, 9 : Change the selected row to score. The posible score is shown with a
       yellow frame.
# : Score the selected row and go to the next combination.

The game information if saved when you quit, so you can continue playing.